Radio Schedule

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Monday Thru Friday

Midnight – 5AM: “Blondie in the Dark”
5AM – 9AM: The FUN House hosted by Michael St. John presenting Ashley & Brad.
9AM – 2PM: Middays with Bobby Knight
2PM – 7PM: Afternoons with “All American” Adam Ward
7PM – Midnight: “Kid Kelly Daily"


The "FUN Million Dollar Weekend"
Midnight – 6AM: “Blondie in the Dark”
6AM – 10AM: Michael StJohn The FUN House Weekend Show.
10AM – 3PM: Bobby Knight
3PM – 8PM: Adam Ward
8PM – Midnight: “Saturday Night Dance Party”

12M until 6AM Blondie In The Dark
6AM until 9AM “Goddard’s Gold” with Steve Goddard
9AM until 1PM “America’s Greatest Hits” with Scott Shannon
1PM until 7PM Hollywood Kevin James
7PM until 10PM “Sunday Night Hall of Fame” with Michael St.John
10PM until Midnite “Good Time Gold Show” with Bob Alou